Queensland roadtrip

Hellooooo 🙂

Hope you’re all doing good! I’m feeling fine but getting super tired of trying to sell my stuff I have in my apartment. Ugghhh people are so weird sometimes. Anyway, to something fun 🙂 My sister has finally decided to come with me to Australia for the first 2,5 weeks. Her friend is also joining us so it’s going to be fun! I need to apply for my visa on the 18th of May and when that is approved they will apply for theirs and then we just need to decide exact day to leave and book our tickets 🙂 I’ve had a quick look on what to do there and I want them to see as much as they can during their short stay but it’s a bit hard because of the distances in Australia. We might not leave Queensland so I’m thinking we’ll stay in Brisbane for the first 2-3 nights (I need to look for an apartment as soon as I get there) and then rent a car and drive up to Fraser Island. Of course we will have a few night stops on the way up so we’re thinking maybe 5 days up and 2 days back. I hope we have time to fly over to Sydney because it feels like that’s a place they need to visit. Other than that we’re going to do some sightseeing in Brisbane 🙂 It’s good that my sister has the same interests as me when traveling (she’s even worse sometimes haha) and her friend is apparently very easygoing so I’m sure we’re going to have so much fun together!


My sister in Dubai ❤

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