Rain, rain in Hoi An

Halo as they say in Vietnam =)

First of all, I was like the only white person traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang airport haha. I had a change of flight there from Siem Reap (cheapest option :P) and I had to go through passport control, get my bag and go to the domestic terminal to check in again, stressful as it was a bit slow at the passport control, puh. Anyhow, while at the departures they changed gates for the flight and it was confusing as hell because it was one gate on the boarding pass, another gate on the information screen and then at the final gate there was another flight…? Haha. Well, I managed to get to Hoi An safe and sound. Was funny how everybody stared at me though because it was me and Asians only basically.

Arrived quite late to my hotel, Vinh Hung Library Hotel, and was greeted by friendly staff. My room was super adorable! Loved it! Didn’t do much more than going to bed that night =)


My second day I walked around in the Old Town in a super rainy Hoi An. It was flooded in some places and stupid me wore sneakers. Should have taken my flip flops instead as I had to throw my sneakers because they were obviously too wet to ever dry. The town itself is very cute and beautiful. A lot of tailor shops which was quite cool. What disgusted me (of course there’s something) was people peeing on the streets! I was walking by the river and then see a Vietnamese woman just run to the river, sit down and pee? IIeewwww!!! Saw a man here and there as well. Just go to a restroom will you! Otherwise I liked it a lot and would like to go back some day for like 4-5 days but when it’s summer and hot because I want to see the beach there. Head it’s very beautiful. I took a short rest at The Espresso Station which is a nice café with very good hot chocolate and muffins 😛 I met 2 people from Grasshopper Adventures as well. They were very kind and good company while sitting there 🙂 I actually booked a tour through them in Ho Chi Minh City but I’ll tell you about that in another post. I got a really good discount as well from the man, Steve, and that was so nice of him! After that, I continued to walk around and then got hungry so I went to The Little Menu for Vietnamese lunch. My food was delicious!!! I found all these spots on Tripadvisor =)

 15841002_10157966918405392_1638703136_n 15841065_10157966918445392_1627378695_n


Didn’t do much more that day. It was New Years Eve but I wasn’t in the mood for anything in that rain. It continued all evening so I’m not even sure if their festivities were going on or if they cancelled them. I wasn’t sad about that though as I had a lovely 3 hour video chat with my best friend back home in Sweden and then a shorter one with my family 🙂 Lovely evening!

The day after I took off early to the airport to fly to Ho Chi Minh City to spend 2 nights there. More about that later =)

Tata for now!

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