Rainbow Beach

Yup! Rainbow Beach was the last destination =)

Took the Greyhound, again, from Noosa to Rainbow Beach. This time we had a 40mins lunch break at a rest stop but I just wanted to get there haha. It was actually the same place me and my sister stopped at on our way to Hervey Bay.

So I had booked a hostel here as well but cancelled it the day before as a friend told me to do it. She had stayed there and said it was a lack of bathrooms so I booked a room at the Rainbow Beach Resort and I got a really good discount on it so it wasn’t much more expensive than the hostel. When I got there I actually had a 2 bedroom apartment haha. It was huge!!! The only really bad thing was that my internet connection was bad in the room and they didn’t have wifi there. But, I managed anyway 😛

Didn’t do more than taking a walk to the beach that evening. It was like 5mins from the resort. It was a bit scary on the way back as I had to walk through the bush and it was dark haha. I walked quite fast through haha. ‘


Ugh I have to tell!!! I had the worst experience ever with the Rainbow Beach Taxi. The hotel receptionist told me I would pay AUD50 one way to get to Tin Can Bay where I needed to be the day after at 7am. I called them and the man said; it’s AUD80 one way and you can be there at 7.30 am because I need to drop of kids at school first and you need to go with. I was like wtf?! Weirdest taxi service every. I called soooooo many times to the after hours desk at the hotel and they gave me numbers they thought were to other taxi companies but wrong. And I called the first taxi again and after arguing a bit I finally got him to pick me up at 6.30 am so I would be there at 7, no kids in the bus but still AUD80. Now, what I was going to do in Tin Can Bay would only cost AUD10. So, in the end I would have paid AUD170 for everything… Worth it? Uhm, not really.

So, second day. Woke up, got ready, got out, waited for the taxi at 6.30am. Nobody came. At 6.40am I called him again, apparently even woke him up and asked where he was. He said the guy who was picking me up had probably overslept?! And on top of that he asked ME to call him!!!! Haha, I didn’t if I should cry or laugh. So, I called this man, found out the idiot I spoke to before had told him to pick me up at 7am. Anyway, he came there at about 6.55 am, it actually just took him 5mins to get there so that was nice and then he drove way too fast to Tin Can Bay. I think I was there at 7.20am. BUT, he charged me AUD88,80 because for some reason they add 10% when paying with card. So stupid! I was really pissed off haha.

Now, what was I doing at Tin Can Bay? =)

Feeding a dolphin!!! Yay!! hihi 😀


I had breakfast at the café which was right there and then at 8am we got fish and fed a cute little humpback dolphin. This is at Barnacles Dolphin Center where volunteers are working and helping out. That was totally worth AUD10 and luckily I didn’t have to take the taxi back =) He came there though, after dropping off kids at school haha. But an old man asked me if I wanted to go sailing and then he would drop me off 4km from Rainbow Beach. This was all for free! It was really kind of him and the sailing was amazing. First time for me actually =) Unfortunately I didn’t have too much time as I needed to be back at 12pm so we sailed for about an hour, but loved it! Santa Claus (he reminded me of him haha) said that he always takes people sailing and has done it for the past 18 years. He just loves it and even though nobody wants to go with him he does it alone. I would love going back there just to go sailing again.

 14264051_10157372161140392_3714478770781130954_n 14233070_10157372161325392_7939519242657943410_n

Best Santa Claus!!

So, I had to be back at Rainbow Beach because I had booked myself in with Rainbow Beach Horse Riding. I’m not a horse person and I had never done this before but what was so special about it is that it’s riding on the beach, Australia’s most beautiful beach wintertime. Now, who says no to that? It was for about 1,5 hour and I loved it. So peaceful and beautiful. I recommend it to everyone who go to Rainbow Beach. This special one is very famous actually. Google horse riding Australia and this will come up.


If you look behind me you’ll know why it’s called Rainbow Beach =)

Even with the taxi incident I had an amazing time during my whole trip and I loved everything about it. I can’t wait for my next one =) Don’t know where it is though hihi.

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