River Valley


Didn’t have any reception at all in River Valley which was nice 🙂 It’s good to be away from the internet now and then. I’ve been without it in some places so my posts are a bit behind my actual destination.

As usual we had some stops on the road and Taranaki Falls in Tongariro National Park was the main one on this trip. As usual, very beautiful =) It was a 2 hour walk which was not a good thing a day after the 7,5 hours crossing haha. But we all went there anyway, suffered but enjoyed our time at the falls. After that we drove off to River Valley and what a cosy place. It is literally by the river and I had a private cabin at the River Valley Lodge with ensuite, such a luxury and it was beautiful. All the other were in dorms so I had a nice and quiet night. We were quite many having dinner together that we could buy at the lodge and it was very yum. But before the dinner I had a walk around to check out the area and had some fun with the zip line over the river 😛 Stayed there for quite some time haha. After the dinner we had a couple of drinks and we all played a hilarious game together where one could win drinks from the bar. The game was that one had to start by lying on the table, getting under to the other side and up again without touching the floor… It sounded impossible but 3 guys managed to do it! A good laugh there 🙂 After that I had some nice time with some other people and then the four of us ended up playing board games until it was time for bed 🙂 Just a very, very good evening!

Took off to Wellington early in the morning  =) Will of course have a separate post for that.

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