Puhh,.. let’s continue then. So after 4 days in Brisbane we picked up our rental car at Budget and got off to Hervey Bay, First of all, driving on the left side of the road, OMG! Haha!! I was so nervous and it certainly stressed me out in the beginning but the more I got used to it the easier it got. Oh, wait, I’m lying haha. Just remembered that I drove on the right side once (towards the traffic). My sister was like; wait, this doesn’t feel right. And the we noticed haha. Luckily it was in a very small town and no cars were there at that second. I also drove to close to the pavement once so I touched the tire against it huhu. Anyway, our destination was Hervey Bay as we were then continuing with boat to Fraser Island.

 IMG_5360 IMG_5358

Our first stop was at Wild Horse Mountain Lookout. We parked the car and walked a very steep hill up to the lookout. Ugh, we died on the way up haha. The walk was definitely worth it though because it was one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen. We stayed for a while and just enjoyed it before heading back to the car. We didn’t do any more stops except than eating once but that’s nothing I need to share.


So, we got to Kondari Motel in Hervey Bay and that’s where we would spend the first and fourth night. The other two were to spend at Fraser Island but I’ll tell you all about it in a separate post. So Kondari Hotel was quite like a camping spot. It was one floor houses kind of stuck to each other and some had yards with furnitures.The staff there was super nice and they let us leave our car there while going to Fraser Island and also the luggage we didn’t need. There was a lizard in our room when we got in and my sister freaked out haha!

We didn’t do much in Hervey Bay as we arrived just before sunset but the kind receptionist told us where to go to watch it and wow!! Amazing! It was at the esplanade and it set just behind a pier. Perfect view.

 IMG_5403 IMG_5441

We didn’t really stop anywhere from Hervey Bay to Lamington National Park which was our destination after Fraser Island so not much to write about that.

I hope you’ll continue reading about our other adventures =)

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