If you’re looking for a city that offers you something special wherever you look then go to Rome ❤

This was a lovely four day trip with so much history and beautiful architecture. Rome has walking distance to all the famous sights so no need to think about the public transportation. Besides, if you take it then you’re going to miss out on so many things. I’ve only been to Rome once so I only have one hotel to write about but the sightseeing list is quite long. I’m sure you don’t go to Rome for any other reason anyway. Oh, and yes the pizza is delicious.


– Hotel Richmond // We were so surprised on the first day when we saw where the hotel was located. The Colosseum was around the corner and we had walking distance to every main cultural attraction. This was a very good start! Our room was newly renovated and very modern. Big bathroom, comfortable bed, no noise from the outside and plenty of restaurants just outside. The breakfast was a the rooftop terrace and we had a beautiful view of the Roman Forum. If you want to stay somewhere central and close to many attractions then this is a very good choice.


– Roman Forum // This site is very big and it’s all ruins. Most people only go to the Colosseum which is next to Roman Forum but I suggest you visit both. Every part of the forum has a history and you can not only enjoy looking at that but you’ll also find a lot of greenery and orange trees here and there.


Roman Forum

– Colosseum // First a warning. Do not buy tickets from the people outside the Colosseum. Do it at the entrance. They will try to sell you a guided tour, which you don’t really need and they overcharge. If you have a guide book of the Rome then read about the history of Colosseum as you walk around. Very interesting! My favorite part in there is the cross that is in the center, so beautiful!

 162876_10150345037225392_187625_n  CIMG6414


– The Vatican // One of the most beautiful places in Rome! The whole area with the church and square is breathtaking. No matter how long the queue to get in is, wait! You really need to go in and see the inside of the church too. And go to the top of it, there you’ll get a panoramic view of Rome.

 66803_10150345070585392_4832462_n IMG_3677

             The Vatican & St. Peter’s Church

– Pantheon // So, I haven’t really understood the purpose of the hole in the ceiling but yeah it’s there haha. The inside is not really special but I think this is one of the main attractions you just gotta see. The square, where Pantheon is located, is very cosy actually. There are a few cafés and gelaterias so buy something and sit outside and enjoy. Love it!

– Piazza navona // Another favorite in Rome! When I was there it was just before Christmas so there was this lovely Christmas market. The fountain is beautiful and again, if you have a guide book read about the history of the fountain. Very interesting.

– The Spanish Steps // These steps are one of the main attractions in Rome which is actually a bit weird because they are steps to the Spanish embassy. Hmm… If you stand in front of them and look up then you’ll get a nice view of the whole part with the buildings and everything but I don’t know why these steps have become famous.

– Fontana Di Trevi // You can forget about getting a picture with yourself and the fountain 🙂 It’s packed with tourist no matter what time you go. But you have to see it!! It’s very beautiful, I guess like everything else in the city. I went there when it started getting dark and with the streetlights lit the fountain view was to die for.

– Piazza del Popolo // Enormous square with two churches both named Maria. Not as many tourists as in the other places so that is really nice. And you can have a walk around the square or just sit somewhere and relax. The atmosphere here is very calming for some reason and it’s such big open space so if it’s sunny it’s perfect!


Piazza Del Popolo

– Piazza Venezia // If you go to the top of St. Peter’s church then you’ll see this piazza and Viktor Emanuel monument because the building is huge. Depending on where you stand you’ll have Palazzo Venezia on one side and Viktor Emanuel monument on the other side. I think this is another attraction you can not miss out on because the monument is so beautiful with all the details.

– Castel Sant’Angelo // If you walk out from The Vatican and try to get to the center of Rome then you’re going to pass this Castle. It’s not very big but it’s a bit different to other castles since it’s round and looks a bit more like a fortress. It’s located next to Tibern and between two bridges so it’s very nice to have a walk there. And there usually is an art market nearby if you just continue walking to the center and also a pretty carousel.


– Trastevere // I’m only going to advice you about this area because you’re going to Italy so I’m sure you can manage to find a good pizza or pasta restaurant on your own but if you want to try classic Roman food then this if where you should go. Trastevere is a very old part of Rome and even though a lot of tourist go there it’s not as many as in Centro Storico. It can be long queues to get in somewhere because even the Italians go here so don’t go when you’re starving haha.


Viva Italia!

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