San Diego and…


I spent two days in San Diego, staying at a friend’s place in Coronado. I walked around a lot (feet hurts so much!!) during the days and the evenings were a bit calmer which was nice. The drive from Long Beach to San Diego took me around 2 hours on the I-5. It’s a very beautiful road on some parts, you’ll see mansions on the hills, Mexican styled houses and a lot of greenery. I have to say though, I preferred Long Beach rather than San Diego. It was super nice but Long Beach has so much more to offer by the ocean and I loved that.


– Mission Bay // So this was nothing special actually. It’s mostly a recreation area and there is a beach but I’ve seen nicer ones. I had a short walk there and then took off because there was not really much more to do.

  IMG_9852 IMG_9848 IMG_9896

– Sunset Cliffs Natural Park // Now this place was amazing! It’s not very big and it’s by the road but it is beautiful and the view is breathtaking. There is parking along the cliffs so no need to worry about that. This is a must if you go to San Diego.

 IMG_9861 IMG_9862 IMG_9865

 IMG_6297 IMG_6332

– Old Town // A very big tourist attraction but another must. It really feels like being in a beautiful Mexican town. There are many restaurants, not only Mexicans, and some of them can have higher price than others because of the tourism of course. You’ll find a lot of shops, markets, historical buildings, a church and many other things. There is a 2 hour free parking outside and others where you pay. I went alone so 2 hours was enough for me and I didn’t really look into all shops.

 IMG_6367 IMG_6370 IMG_6378

– Balboa Park // I’m a very big fan of parks so of course I had to check this one out. San Diego Zoo is also here but I didn’t go since I’ve been there before. Balboa Park is not very big and it’s very easy to find the attractions inside the park. There a couple of small gardens, all free except the Japanese Garden. You’ll also find a few museums and other important buildings. There are a couple of big parking lots inside the park and I recommend you to park there. I did the mistake to park my car outside and had to walk all the way back (yes I get lazy after walking a couple of hours).

    IMG_6487 IMG_6484

 IMG_6457 IMG_6449 IMG_6464

– Seaport Village // Seaport Village reminded me a little bit about Long Beach Waterfront but it’s much smaller. It’s actually like a small village haha. There are pretty small houses which are shops and cafés. The restaurants are quite big and they all have a beach view if you sit on the terrace. You can walk on the waterfront and if you continue further away you’ll get to the marine part with museums and ships you can board.

 IMG_6491 IMG_6495 IMG_6500 IMG_6502 IMG_6508

– Downtown // I didn’t see too much of Downtown but the parts I saw were Gaslamp Quarters, both in day and evening, and then other parts which I guess don’t have special names more than Downtown. There are a few shops but not too many. I found it more of a restaurant and bank district. Gaslamp Quarters is bars, clubs and restaurants. All of downtown is very beautiful in the evening because there are lights in the trees.

– Coronado // So this is where I was staying with my friend. You basically need to cross a very long bridge to the island and you’ll get there. I think that if you have the time then you should go one time just to see it. You’ll get a nice view of San Diego from there. Around 3rd and 2nd street you’ll find a few restaurants, shops and cafés and that’s where you also get the view from. Then you can go to Coronado beach where you’ll find a famous hotel where Marilyn Monroe used to make movies (it’s amazing!) and you can watch the sunset at that beach.

 IMG_6380 IMG_9872 IMG_6405

San Diego view and the hotel

 IMG_6415 IMG_6403 IMG_9882

Coronado Beach

– Tijuana // This trip was not really something I planned to do. I had no idea how close it was to San Diego until my friend actually showed me and then I made him take me there 😛 It was pretty cool to see but I was a little bit afraid because it felt dangerous. We walked across the border and then took a taxi to downtown but that was nothing to see so we didn’t get out from the taxi instead he took us to the famous street where everybody goes for clubbing. And yeah, that’s where it felt a bit scary. I would not recommend girls going alone.

 IMG_9907 IMG_9913

 IMG_9921 IMG_9919 IMG_6511

The border!

Thought I’d share a video with you guys 😛 Now you know more of who I am


– Sushi Deli 2 // Sushi Deli 2 is located in Downtown. It’s a pretty big place with a good choice on the menu. The picture shows the sushi I had and it was pretty good. I’ve had better though. Quite okay prices too.


– Coronado Brewing Co // Not sure I should even review this place because I only had a nacho plate haha. It was good and cheap. Its located in Coronado but I’m sure there are better restaurants than this one.

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