School orientation

Good evening!

Wiieee I went to school yesterday for the orientation and woooowww what a beautiful school! I’m going to take photos on Monday and show you guys =) I was so happy being there. I got to meet my teachers (most of them) and the program manager has such a happy personality and she was so kind. I just can’t wait to start. So happy to be this excited. I also bought myself an art kit which I need for school and ugh the bag with everything inside was so heavy to carry home haha. A lot of fun stuff though! I am a very artistic person and quite good at drawing and painting and I had a lot things for coloring in the bag. I kind of want to use them now but then I might have to buy new ones and they were not cheap haha 😛


Here’s what I had in the art kit bag. And that’s my new (and 2nd) laptop.

Today I had a PT session with Blueprint and it was for 30mins but intense and very good! I have another session next Thursday but I won’t book in anymore after that. I want to see how it will go with the bootcamp first and besides, three times a week is enough for now since I really need to focus on school.

I have quite a busy weekend which is great! Meeting some people for a twilight market, dinner and drinks on Friday. Saturday is market day, following with another meet up and then a festival in the evening. Sunday is Gypsy market which I’ve been looking forward to sooooooo much  Will see what I will do in the evening =)

Hope you’ll all have a good weekend too =)

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