Sharm El Sheikh

Alf leila wa leila…

One of the places you need to visit if you go to Sharm. I went to Egypt in 2008 so it’s been a few years since. I really loved everything about it. The ocean is crystal clear, the shopping is quite nice and the food is delicious. Just a little warning, there’s a very big change you’ll get diarrhea haha!! Everybody I know who has been to Egypt got it. But don’t worry, there are toilets everywhere 😛 Maybe not very fresh and clean but if you gotta go then you gotta go haha. Anyway, here’s what I recommend you to do and there’s only one thing I advice you to avoid…


Aida Resort Hotel // I highly recommend this hotel! It was so nice, clean and they have a big pool. They have a small area with blankets and cushions you sit on and enjoy the beautiful sunset. The breakfast buffet is a very good mix of Egyptian and international choices. They had everything from pancakes to hummus. Another very good thing with the hotel is that they have shuttle service to the beach, to the old town and to the city center. For free of course.


Sunset view from hotel garden

Things to do:

– Snorkeling & diving // You could basically do this anywhere in Sharm since it’s the beautiful red sea. I did some snorkeling at the beach that the shuttle bus took us to and it was an amazing experience. The reef was so beautiful that I got all excited in the water haha. A must do in Sharm.

egypten 145

– Shopping // There is a shopping center but honestly it’s not very good. It doesn’t have that much to offer and I think going to Egypt markets are more fun to visit.

– Alf leila wa leila // Ohhhh this fantasia place. Go, go, go!!! It’s a beautiful arabic decorated building with fountains, beautiful lights, palm trees and many other things. And before the show (it’s a “a thousand and one nights” show) you’ll get to watch really good belly dancers (some male!!) and enjoy a delicious buffet. The show itself is also very nice to watch.

                egypten 056 DSC00903

Alf leila w leila

– Old Market // This place is one of the do and don’ts. So, there are restaurants with delicious arabic food and yes I advice you to go there just for the food but please be careful at the market if you are a woman. Dress properly (cover as much as you can, maybe not with a veil but pants and a sweater) and don’t stare at the men. I experienced that some men were staring as if they were undressing me with their eyes and I was covered! And they were asking my mum and grandparents if they could buy me…??? So, go and eat but then leave.

– City Center // So, this was quite new back then and compared to Old town it was very clean and the police was on the street so no salesman could follow you or try to get you in to their shops or restaurants. There is shopping here too but again, not very good. In the beginning of the street, kind of in the center, there was plenty of restaurants. Some very arabic and some international.

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