Soon over


Sorry it’s been so long again. I’ve been trying to get it work with mobile blogging but I don’t get much help and it just doesn’t work. I’m going to change blog portal but that will take time as well. Anyway, no more of that shitty stuff.

I haven’t been doing much since my last hectic weekend. I’ve been studying a lot as I have 5 assignments due next week (I’m dying! huh) and I haven’t spent much time by the pool lately. I think it’s been 1,5 weeks since last.. that’s a long time haha. Last weekend I did some shopping with a friend and we’ve just been relaxing. I started working out again and stopped haha. I’ve been too stressed about school to even do it in the morning. As soon as I wake up I study. I really just want to finish everything on time because then I’m leaving for south east Asia (excited, yaaayy!!!).


Love my rooftop view

Instead of working out we’ve actually been taking beautiful walks in the evenings. I love this city so much! It’s amazing. Here are some pictures I’ve been taking =)

 15135885_10157738089840392_3262232169779142614_n 15134746_10157738089170392_5354629454291789068_n

Kangaroo point cliffs and South Bank

Sorry about a very boring post but there’s not really much to say right now. As soon as this trimester is over I’ll have more time for blogging and besides, I will be traveling a lot so it will be more fun and exciting to read =) I hope.. haha.

Saying goodbye with this picture!


Max Brenner chocolate

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