South Bank Parklands

Good morning!!

I haven’t been able to write for a while because for 6 days I didn’t have wifi (out in nowhere) and then I just didn’t have the time to do it. We’ve been traveling a bit and exploring so I’ll do a few posts for each place otherwise it would be a novel if I did it all in once haha.

Here we go =)

The first four days were spent in Brisbane and as you maybe read before we did some sightseeing. We are back here now and during the first days and now we’ve been to South Bank a few times actually. It’s a wonderful place by the river and there are restaurants, parks, beach, cafés, bars… you name it and they have it. South Bank Parklands is the perfect place for a walk as you will enjoy the beautiful views of the city.

 IMG_5113 IMG_5131 IMG_5151

Boat trip // We were going to Eat Street Markets and since we were in South Bank we thought we’d try out the boat 🙂 Very good choice haha. It took about 45mins to get to Eat St market and the boat took us along the river up north of the city. The  views? WOW!!! Luxurious houses, skyscrapers, bridges… It was so amazing. I loved everything about it. I will definitely take the boat again 🙂

 IMG_6088 IMG_6094

Restaurants & Cafés:

Max Brenner // Max Brenner is an Israeli owned hmm…café I would say. They serve everything with chocolate so for all you chocolate lovers, this is a must! Haha. I had waffle with strawberry, banana, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Sooooo good!!! Very bad idea to go there though, it will make me fat haha!


Kiss the berry // So while we were walking in the parklands we wanted something cold to eat or drink because it was so hot that day and luckily we passed this pretty little place. It’s kind of like frozen yoghurt except it’s not yoghurt haha. We didn’t really get what it was but it was super good! There were many different options and it’s very healthy. You get berries and seeds if you want or just go or a shake.

Manhattan Line // It was very late one day and we had just been at the Ekka festival. Didn’t want to eat the street food they were selling so we went to South Bank. We wanted Indian food but they had already closed the kitchen and Manhattan Line was one of the very few places still open so we had some delicious American food 🙂 The servings were huge so we actually shared one.

Sorry, didn’t have pictures for the last two. I guess I was too hungry to think about it haha!

Next stop is the city =)

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