South east Asia

I thought I might as well tell you about my trip! I haven’t finished booking everything yet. Kind of stuck at two countries but this is what is done for me so far.

1. Indonesia

I’m going to Indonesia for 12 nights in total. Starting off in Bali with a 3 day tour to different places I’ve picked out. After my first 5 nights in Bali I’m going to the Gili Islands (3 islands) and Lombok. I haven’t really decided how long I will stay in each island so I will just go with the flow. I need to be back at Bali for the last night though as that’s where my flight will depart from.

2. Singapore

This is where I will spend Christmas Eve =) I will stay in Singapore for 3 nights and I have planned some places to visit but no tours. I didn’t find anything special I wanted to do so it will be sightseeing in the city which is great! There are a few places I’m super excited about it to visit.

3. Malaysia

Odd enough I’m just spending 4 nights here haha. Christmas Day will be spent in Batu Caves as I’m doing a half day tour and then I’ll find something fun to do in the evening. I’m doing some Kuala Lumpur sightseeing and then a day trip over to Langkawi for some sightseeing there. I’ve also booked a Cameron Highlands day tour which will be awesome.

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is also a short stop for me. I have booked 3 nights here, starting with one in Phnom Penh and then continuing with 2 nights in Siem Reap. I’m doing an Angkor Wat day tour there and this has been on my “must visit places” list for years so excitiiinnnngggggg =D

5. Laos (not booked yet)

So, yeah I haven’t booked Laos yet but it’s in progress. I was actually doing Vietnam after Cambodia and then the Philippines but since Vietnam had so many places I wanted to visit I would only have 5-6 days in the Philippines and I want to stay there longer so I decided to go to Laos first, then Vietnam and then back home to Brisbane. I’ll have to do Philippines another time hehe. But since nothing is booked yet for Laos this could all change!

P.S I’ve found a super cool and adventurous tour in Laos!!!! But I won’t tell you until I’ve booked it hihi.

6. Vietnam (not booked yet)

I will book this as soon as I’ve decided 100% where to go and what to do in Vietnam. I might be able to shorten the amount of days which could give me some time for Philippines… But we’ll see =) I’m doing a bit everyday before bed because that’s the only time I’ve got aside from the assessments huhu.

After these 6 countries I’ll be in Brisbane for just a few days before leaving to New Zealand. Another amazing and adventurous trip. I know that even after Asia I’m going to be exhausted haha but you only live ones… And I will not have my next school holiday until May/June anyway so that will give me time to relax and start planning my next Asia and Fiji trip 😉

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