Spring time


Haven’t really been doing much and therefore I didn’t update =) On Thursday I took a walk to the City Botanic Gardens instead of Kangaroo Point because I had some business to do in the city anyway. Just took a rest when I got there, laid in the grass and read my book. It was so nice.

On Friday I met up with some people at Indooroopilly shopping center. It’s not very far from me, like 15-20mins with the train. It was quite nice to spend time with others hehe. Even though I’ve been busy on my own it was nice to just talk to someone haha


Today I met up with two girls at the beach at South Bank. I loved it!! First day of spring and 26 degrees celsius. Like really?? We hung out there for about two hours and then went to have some sushi at Ginga. Definitely going back! It was so good and it’s one of those places with a belt and you just choose whichever plate you want. We didn’t eat too much though because we saved some space for dessert at Max Brenner 😛 Yummy!!!

I had some plans tonight but cancelled them =) Instead I booked a trip for 6 days. It’s going to be so much fun!

Ciao ciao!

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