Summer lovin’

I LOVE the summer here! It’s bloody hell hot but I still love it haha. I spend the days by the pool and well, actually not by the pool but IN the pool. It’s so hot I don’t want to get out because that’s the only way to cool off a bit. It’s great. This is what I’ve been up to quite a lot but then a dear friend from Sweden arrived here on Saturday and left today. She is doing a road trip up the coast with her best friends =) It’s been great spending time with her! We started the Saturday by the pool then went to South Bank for delicious Indian dinner at Gandhi where a belly dancer performed and then of course dessert at Max Brenner 😀 Best ever!

On Sunday we met up for breakfast at Office Club and shopping at Queen St Mall as it was a very cloudy and rainy day. Went home to rest a few hours and then we met up again at the riverside for dinner and a glass of wine at River Bar 🙂


Monday was again spent by the pool, then grocery shopping and BBQ at my rooftop with some of my friends. It was great! We also played cards against humanity which is always fun.


We started off Tuesday with bicycling around the river and then some yummy snacks from Kiss the berry. It was a beautiful and hot day, loved cycling so will definitely do it again hihi. Her friends arrived here on Tuesday so we didn’t meet up again as it got late for me but we met again on Wednesday. Had dinner at Alfred and Constance, went to my rooftop for some chillin’ then actually took an evening dip in the pool. It was so nice and cool.

 16143348_10158052909820392_1276104967758161931_n 16174849_10158052906150392_2471316976399298305_n

These days have been amazingly fun and I was very happy to see a good friend from back home ❤

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