Good evening!

It’s been a very hot day today and I really have to get used to that 20 degrees in Australia is way hotter than 20 in Sweden haha. I’m always wearing too much clothes, ugh.


Today I took a walk to South Bank where the Collective Market is every Sunday =) It was a nice walk there and then I went to Kiss the Berry, bought a bowl with good stuff and sat down by the river just enjoying the weather. On my way back home I stopped by Target, which I found a bit like Primark. It’s completely different to the one in America, hmm… And then I went to the bookshop and bought two new psychological thrillers (can’t wait to start reading them!). It’s been a very calm and nice day =) I’m probably just going to lay by the pool tomorrow and read.

 IMG_6410 IMG_6411

I hope that some things will be sorted next week so I can go to Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sydney. I’m going to make short trips out of them just to keep myself busy before school and of course I want to see these places hihi. I also hope we will have a Friday off sometime in October so I can go to the Red Center, that will be awesome!

That’s all for today =) tattaaaaa

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