Just like with Malta, I’m not going to write about only one specific city because I’ve been there three times and in a lot of different places. This is also a destination where I can not advice you about hotels because I have family there and have always stayed with them. They have been wonderful taking me to different cities and even to France once! So, I’m going to share what cities you should visit and just a few tips on what you can do. I’ll add Strasbourg to this post too since we went there just for a day from Switzerland.

So I just realized this is going to be difficult because honestly, all of Switzerland is amazing. These are the cities that I’ve visited and I recommend you to visit all of them too. I do have some favorites so if you don’t have the time then maybe you can choose to visit one of them.

Cities & places to visit:

– Zurich // Zurich is kind of a typical European big city but then you have this lake that runs through and all the cafés by the water. Take a stroll in the center, do some shopping, have some lunch and then go to the lake, have a wonderful walk, watch the swans and then have a coffee break at one of the many cafés.


The lake in Zurich

– Luzern // I kind of like Luzern’s center a bit more than Zurich’s because it’s not as hectic as in Zurich and you have these cute bridges and canal. Yes Zurich has it too but it’s not in the middle of everything and I think that makes Luzern a bit calmer. By the way, if you have a look up at the mountains you’ll find a castle!

– Lugano // Ah, Italian in Switzerland. Italian food, Italian language, Italian signs. I just love everything about it. Such a small country but three different languages and it’s fun that all of a sudden you as a swiss can’t talk your own language in your own country haha. Lugano is amazing with the houses in the mountains, the lake, the squares, the nature.. I could go on forever. This is a must visit!

                  IMG_4937    CIMG6807

                                     The lake in Lugano                                                      Boat tour in Lugano

– Geneva // Here’s another non Swiss part. It’s French! Geneva is a very cute little city but didn’t have much to offer. Yeah there’s fountain in the lake but it wasn’t anything special. The city has its charm but I’m not sure I would go there again. I think one visit is enough.

– Bern // Okay, wow!!!!!! I loved everything about it! The city center is so pretty with all the flowers in the windows and on the buildings, the park that gives you a beautiful view of the city and oh, the best part!!! There are bears in the center!! Can you believe that?? Bears!!!! I was so shocked when I saw them haha. Of course they are within fences and walls but it’s cool anyway! And there’s a beautiful place that gives you an amazing view of the nature. It’s right behind the federal building

– Strasbourg France // Strasbourg was so amazing with its’ architecture, churches and squares. Like many other places this city also had a canal running through in Le Petit France and it was just breathtaking. The squares are so beautiful, you have one with the Notre Dame Cathedral which is huge and another one with a carousel in the center. It really has a charm all over the city. IMG_1889

Le Petit France in Strasbourg

– Rheinfalls // This is definitely a place that you can not miss. Waterfalls surrounded by a beautiful nature. You have to pay to enter but it didn’t cost much at all and either way it’s totally worth it!!

Ha! I almost forgot something. Of course, if you visit Switzerland you gotta go skiing or snowboarding!

1459191_10153415177000392_207566038_n  IMG_4236


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