They continue…

Busy week again =)

I’ve spent quite a lot of time by the pool which I love. Relaxing in between school and so sometimes =) I’ve had some errands in the CBD and then I’ve studied so much and it’s going to be even more tomorrow. I have 2 assignments to finish for Wednesday and Thursday. It’s really fun and interesting though! I’m sure learning a lot and it’s fun to start drawing again.

On Friday I went to Bavarian Bier Café which is a German bar by the river and then we continued to Black Bird (I think). Both very nice but I preferred Bavarian =) After that we went back to Friday’s where I was the week before. Met up with some other people but didn’t stay long though. Think I got home already by midnight but it was a very fun and nice evening. Saturday was all about errands, pool and study. Also planned for my little trip I did on Sunday =) But of course that’s a separate post!

Just noticed how boring this post was but there’s not much more to tell that you need to know =)


View from the first bar, beautiful!

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