Treetop challenge

Helloooo =)

Almost at the end of my sister’s trip and even though we were completely exhausted from everything we had done we continued till her last day haha.

When we went to Lamington National Park we thought we could do the treetop challenge there but it turned out it was far from where we were staying. So luckily, I managed to fit it in as a day tour. We used EscapeShuttle as transportation and were driven by a great man named Steve who owns the company. He picked us up from home, showed us a bit of Tamborine Mountain and an amazing lookout then took us personally to the office of Treetop Challenge. When we finished he came to pick us up and drop us off at home again. I’m definitely using his company again if I need to go somewhere.


Beautiful view from Tamborine Mountain

Anyway, enough about Steve haha. So the Treetop Challenge was one of the funniest things I’ve done here so far. I completely loved it. It was for sure challenging haha, and exhausting but it was so fun that you almost didn’t want to stop. I’m very proud of myself as I finished the black course, wiho! Oh, the black course is the toughest =) My sister gave up halfway on that and went on the two red course and then back to the reception haha. But I understand her. I almost wanted to start crying at the end of the black course haha. I was so dead. Here are some pictures of what a treetop challenge is for those who don’t know =)

  IMG_5528 IMG_5524 IMG_5522 2

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