Adventurous Waitomo 🙂

Got here yesterday and leaving tomorrow morning. On the way from Hot Water Beach to Waitomo we stopped at a few places. First one was a beautiful lookout point which I unfortunately don’t know the name of. It was a short stop but we got to enjoy the views at least. Our second stop was at Karangahake Gorge where we did a 30min walk. It was so beautiful and quite a cool walk actually. Some of the bridges were swing bridges so they were moving while we walked on them and we walked on an old railway and in to the tunnels. I wish I had more time to walk there but I’m happy to have seen it anyway.

 16343811_10158097182380392_215481767_n 16244446_10158097182780392_1276741548_n

Lookout point // Karangahake Gorge

Our third stop was at a supermarket. We got 45mins there and then had to leave and something annoying/funny happened haha. The annoying thing was that 3 guys took off 2mins before we were leaving and we couldn’t understand why. We just saw them walking off. Rude and annoying. The funny part was that we drove around the block to find them, they saw the bus, started “running” (slowest guys ever) and then on the bus they had to sing “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston! God, we laughed so much at them. Best punishment ever for being late.

When we got to Waitomo I checked in at Waitomo Caves Hotel (so nice!) and then rushed down to the pick up and took off to adventures! Oh, the hotel I’m staying at has some kind of historical story behind it but I’m too scared to find out now that I’m staying here haha. I will look it up tomorrow when I’m leaving 😛 For now I’m just enjoying the beautiful views from here 🙂


The adventurous tour I did is called Black Abyss. It was in the Glowworm caves and we did abseiling, climbing on waterfalls, zip lining in the dark and floating in the water and watching the beautiful glowworms in the darkness. It was all 5 hours and it was amazing! We also found out that this is the cave where they filmed Golum in the water and where Gandalf lived =) I’m so happy I did it even though I froze my ass off 😛 We finished quite late so I just showered and stayed at the hotel.


Today I had a late morning (loved it) and then I walked up to Waitomo viewing point and stayed there for some time. The scenery was so beautiful and I just couldn’t stop looking. After that I walked through the bush to little Waitomo Village, had an ice-cream there and then went back to the hotel for lunch. I’ve been enjoying the sun sitting out on the terrace with another beautiful view which I realised was of the lookout point =) I’m having dinner here tonight and then an early evening as we’re leaving tomorrow morning for Rotorua and….. HOBBITOOOONNNN!! 😀

 16296020_10158097182950392_1631984364_n 16358573_10158097183150392_922363078_n

Terrace view // Viewing point

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