Weekend fun

Hey 😀

Busy and fun weekend! It started with my bootcamp training on Friday then me and a friend did some bar hopping and continued to Brisbane Square for some salsa dancing outdoors =) It was so much fun!! I really don’t know how to dance salsa, reggaeton or any of those Spanish/Latin American dances haha but my friend surely does as she is from Chile. What’s so great about this is that first of all it’s outdoors, second that they start with a 45min class which is for free and third, you are not allowed to say no if someone asks you for a dance 🙂 I always tried avoiding dancing since I got no rhythm at all haha but the men/boys were so nice that they taught me! I’m going back on Friday =)

Here’s a video from the salsa evening

Saturday was quite calm. I took at stroll to the Valley market which was shit haha. Like 5 stalls and nothing interesting at all. But, I didn’t go home for that. I continued walking to Bakery Lane where I bought the most delicious raspberry brownie ever and then Winn Lane, continued down to James Street and then back home =)


Brisbane Square, the casino in the background

On Sunday I went to another market, Gypsy Vindie, and again I got very disappointed. I think I’m gonna stop visiting the markets haha! Oh well, except Eat St because that’s great =) So after my 2mins at Gypsy Vindie I went to Indooroopilly Shopping Center. Didn’t stay long at all but did some shopping. I then went to my friend who lives in that area. I was invited to her place for Chilean lunch with her other friends. It was such a great time!! We laughed a lot and the food was delicious. When I got home I met up with my friends who lives in the building next to mine and we were just going to drink coffee (tea) somewhere but ended up at a bar I had found on google. Tea, cake and a couple of glasses of wine later we went home. Love these spontaneous nights!

Ah, all in all I had a really good weekend!

This week it’s time for school and hopefully an excursion on Sunday! ❤

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