When dreams come true

Hey 🙂

I see some keep visiting my blog which is great but I feel bad because I don’t have any trips to update you with! My next one will be to Cluj-Napoca again since my sister is (finally) graduating from med-school. I hope to visit new places there to share with you guys 🙂

Anyway, what I actually want to tell you is that I have made a dream come true ❤ For years I’ve been wanting to move abroad and do something meaningful, like study or work with something I’m passionate about. What have stopped me has been my apartment. I didn’t want to rent it out because I was afraid the guest would do harm to it or my furnitures and then I would have to renovate it again before selling. And I didn’t want to sell it either because I haven’t lived here for long. But now, I thought f#%k it, it’s just an apartment and decorations! Nothing I can’t replace. I’m also super tired of my job. The job itself is fun but I can’t deal with the hours anylonger (super early mornings). So… I put my apartment out for sale and got a great price! I quit my job (yaaayyy) and I got in to school in Brisbane, Australia!!!!! 😀 I’m moving sometime in August and school starts in mid September. The school is called CATC Design School and the programme is Interior Design & Decoration. It’s a one year intensive course with internship which is great. Except traveling, interior is my other big passion. I’m so excited about this and I hope you will continue following me on this journey 🙂

               Happy me at Venice Beach!

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