Franz Josef

Wiiieeeeeee I’d been looking forward to FJ so much!!! If you don’t know much about Franz Josef, then I’ll tell you the main thing about it and that’s the glacier ❤ I had two nights here at Sir Cedric’s Chateau Hostel & Backpackers and it was because I wanted to do a tour called the Ice Explorer and I needed a full day in case it got cancelled due to bad weather conditions. So on my first day the weather was perfect, hot and sunny. I started with lunch at Blue Ice Café which had good reviews on Tripadvisor but I think it was just okay. Nothing special really. After that I took off to a tour I had booked =) A horse riding tour with South Westland Horse Trekking and it was absolutely amazing. We were riding for about 1,5-2 hours and doing it in that scenery was stunning. I loved it so much! Didn’t do much more that evening but the day after was a nervous and exciting day!

I got to the Ice Explorer office early in the morning and that’s when we would find out if it would be cancelled or not. This day the weather was bad. But, luckily at that time we got to go! We got dressed quick, got out to the helipad and then took off with the helicopter to the glacier. The view was lovely! When we landed we all had the same reaction, WOW!!! The glacier was awesome! So beautiful and uh, I can’t describe it with words. We started hiking with out spiky shoes and walking stick hihi, that was fun. Wandered around with our tour guide when she all of a sudden says “we need to be back in 45mins because of the weather!”. So, we started walking back but around so that we didn’t take the same tracks back. She was so kind wanting to show us other spots. She took us through the narrowest tracks ever and the ice walls were quite high. I almost panicked because of claustrophobia haha. I could barely fit there so I don’t know how larger people do… Huh, scary. But it was interesting haha. After that we got to climb (slide) down to a small cave and that was fun too. When we were going back to the helipad they called on the radio again saying we don’t have time so our tour guides (2 groups) started hacking a new helipad. One helicopter managed to land on the second attempt and took some people with him but we had to go to the original helipad anyway because that was not safe enough. I’m happy they  were so cautious with everything because there had been a helicopter accident a couple of years ago and people died!! So sad =(

Well, after that incredible tour I went to The Landing for lunch and yeah, the food was good but the service sucked. I ordered nachos which should take 7mins like the waitress said and yet 40mins later I still didn’t have my food. I asked for it and they claimed something happened with the order receipt to the kitchen. I did not tip any of them… Went to the hot pools after my lunch and the water was so nice but it was raining at us and I hate rain huhu. Didn’t stay long but that was okay because my friend came to Franz Josef that day so I got the spend the evening with him =) We had a late dinner at Snake Bite and always a pleasure having him as a company. Food was good there by the way, Asian =)

See you in Wanaka =)

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