First layover in Southland! We didn’t have a long ride luckily as we’d already had a long day of traveling. We got to Kaiteriteri in the evening and my friend was there so I was very happy to spend time with him again 🙂 I stayed at the Kaiteri lodge and because I pad like 3NZD more than others I got to stay in an ensuite 4 dorm room with just one other girl. My friend got to stay in shitty uhm.. I don’t even know what to call them but something similar to containers outside the lodge and it was terrible. Felt so sorry for him. He paid and had no idea that the cheapest option was outside. The receptionist was also the rudest woman ever. She gave me such a bad impression of the people of Southland but that changed when we left Kaiteriteri.


I met up with my friend at Beached Whale which is the restaurant just outside the lodge and we stayed there all evening together with some other people. Was quite fun! The day after we met up early and did some short walks. First one was to Kaka Point Lookout which was not very impressive at all haha. The second one was the Withalls Track which was a bush and lookout walk. Same view as from Kaka point kind of. We decided to go to the beach and do a short walk there and then we got smoothie and coffee at the Shoreline Café and had a seat at the beach. I left that day so I didn’t really have more time than that but always good to see him =)

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