Lake Mahinapua

Kia Ora!

After Westport we headed towards Lake Mahinapua which is quite unknown even for locals as it’s, well, just a lake haha. We had two main stops going there, first one was Tauranga Bay with the seal colony and the second one was in Punakaiki with the pancake rocks and blowholes.

Unfortunately this was a very rainy day, yes the difference on the weather between the islands was huge and it was cold here! So anyway, in Tauranga we had a 10-15min short walk to watch the seals and we got to see quite many so that was fun 😀 When we got to Punakaiki it had stopped raining so that walk was a bit nicer. Not too long either but enough in the cold. The pancake rocks were quite cool but I liked the blowholes much more. The water in there had really strong currents so they were smashing against the rock walls.

pancake rocks and blowholes

This day we had three different weather conditions and it was very nice arriving to Lake Mahinapua and the heat. It was really hot! We checked in at Lake Mahinapua Hotel and again, just me and one guy in a 4 dorm so that was very nice. I started by taking a walk to the lake which was quite nice but I had seen way more beautiful lakes in New Zealand. Stayed for some time and just enjoyed everything and then walked back to the hotel for jewellery making =) I made a bracelet from scratch with a jade stone. It was fun! After that we all had dinner together and then me and 2 others walked to the ocean to watch the sunset. I was being photographed by a Canadian friend who was with me so that was a lot of fun! She is a real photographer and had received a scarf made from a girl in New York who sells scarves online. She was supposed to take photos of the scarf at every location and she needed a model that time so she used me =) But I like being photographed haha. Back to the sunset though 😛 It was beautiful! And there were so many wooden parts on the beach which gave it a bit of a rustic look. Quite cool.

Next stop Franz Josef 😀

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