Hello =)

Southland will continue for a couple of more posts as we had quite many stops there as well but it was an amazing island so I’m happy to share this with you! 🙂 We left midday bound for Westport and had our main stop at beautiful Lake Rotoiti. I wished I could stay there much longer because the view was absolutely stunning. That was the first impression of the south island that made me realise the difference between north and south. I didn’t jump in as the water was freezing and I like it warm 😛 But I enjoyed watching my fellow travellers jumping in and swearing on the cold water haha. There were some eels as well so fun to watch them =) Oh, can’t forget the crazy, hungry ducks that I fed haha. Wow, they were standing on my feet and climbing over my friend who was sitting down haha.

Got to Westport and I did stand up paddle boarding at Buller River. It was quite fun but I was disappointed with the view as the beautiful one was behind us :/ Also, it was not what it was supposed to be. It said it was in the rainforest, lagoon and so on but yeah, we were in the big lake. This was booked through Bazil’s Hostel so if you’ll go and stay there and you want to do the SUP make sure you get what you’re supposed to get.

I had bad experience there because of hotels.com. I had made a reservation for 2-3/2 and then immediately cancelled as I noticed it was the wrong date. Did a new one for 3-4/2 and everything was confirmed and paid for. Got to my accommodation, wet and cold from the SUP and was longing for a hot shower and then the receptionist says I don’t have a reservation and it was fully booked. I was about to cry haha. Apparently she got my reservation for 2-3/2 and not the new one so that was shit. But she was kind enough to make sure Bazil’s had a private room for me and then actually drove me there. Everybody else were staying there so I decided to go back there. I got a two floor bedroom with kitchen so I was very happy with that 😛 But I’m waiting for a reply from hotels.com and I want my money back!

We left early in the morning the day after so basically just had the evening in Westport. Not sure there’s much to do there though so I was happy with that 😛

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