Christchurch & The End

Last New Zealand post! It has come to and end 😦 Even though I’m very happy to be home it was sad to leave that amazing nature. 

Christchurch was my final stop and I only had one night here. I had researched before leaving to NZ and found out there’s not much to do there so I thought here’s no point in wasting time there. I stayed at New City Hotel which was very central and good. Lucky me, my girlfriend didn’t have her flight until 20.55 (8.55pm) so I got to spend some time with her! We walked to the Re:Start mall, had lunch from the containers there. Sounds weird but shops and restaurants are in the containers as they’re still rebuilding the city from the 2011 earthquake. There’s a lot of construction going on and it’s so sad to see destroyed buildings. 

After that we walked to Cathedral Square where the beautiful cathedral is destroyed as well 😦 Cotinued to the Botanic Gardens where a big duck chased me! Haha! I died, was so scared and I didn’t understand why it was chasing me haha. God, we laughed so much about it. My friend had to unfortunately leave at this point so we went back to my hotel, grabbed her bag and then left for the bus. I hope to see her here soon again though ❤ I was too tired to do anything in the evening so I chilled out in my room. The day after I had time to walk around a bit before leaving to the airport so I went to Victoria Square and The Commons. All still under construction. I feel so sorry for the people of Christchurch. Not only have they had earthquakes but when I was there, there was a bush fire for days! Luckily they had evacuated everybody from their homes but they couldn’t see to control it. So sad 😦 Christchurch is a very cute town and I’m sure it will be so nice to visit when everything is done! 

I just want to finish my post by saying: VISIT NEW ZEALAND!!!!!! Wow, what a country. Amazing, magical, beautiful, stunning… If I could I’d use every positive description there is. I loved it!!!!

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