Lake Tekapo

Such a wonderful day!! Time for Lake Tekapo which was our stop after Queenstown. I’m not telling you about Queenstown again as I only slept here and I told you about it in he Queenstown post 🙂 No reason to waste time on that when I can tell you about Lake Tekapo! 
We started off early as usual and had our first stop in the town Cromwell for some lunch. Didn’t stay long at all and then we continued to through Lindis Pass to magical Lake Pukaki. I have never ever in my life seen water so blue and beautiful. I couldn’t believe it! Was I actually seeing this with my own eyes and it was for real?! I was amazed, shocked and yeah… haha. No matter how I describe it or even show you photos it’s NOTHING compared to seeing it with your own eyes. You simply have to see it to believe it.

We arrived to Lakefront Lodge in Tekapo early afternoon and the weather was so nice until it started raining haha. Me and two friends walked by the lake anyway just to at least have done something in Tekapo and even that water was very blue but not as blue as Pukaki. The reason the water in these lakes is so blue is because it’s from the glacier. It’s melting down from the mountains. This also means it’s freezing cold, only about 7 degrees all year round.

After our little walk me and my friend went to my private lodge and had a great time just chatting and drinking yummy tea 🙂 It stopped raining in the evening so we walked in to town and had dinner at the Japanese restaurant Kohan. Sushi for me of course 😛 After that we walked back to the lodge and met up with our driver, played some card games and had a great evening filled with laughter 🙂 Tekapo is another place I will go back to and do the Mt John and Mt Cook hikes!

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