Te Anau 

Morning! 🙂 

Trying out the app so I hope my post will turn out fine! 

As Milford Sound was nothing but the fiords my next stop was the town Te Anau (pronounced Te Ana-au). This is a very cute town in the Fiordland National Park. I got there late afternoon so I didn’t have time to do anything really. I went out for dinner at Natural Fiordland Café and then back to YHA where I was staying. I basically got ready for bed and had a good night sleep. Oh!!! I’ve forgotten to tell you something. I experienced two small earthquakes. Very small though but since I’m from a country where that doesn’t happen it was quite something to me. First time was in Wellington just as I got in bed and everything was shaking. I thought someone was in my room, shaking my bed haha. Got a bit scared until I turned the light on realizing it’s actually just me in there 😛 And yeah the second time was in Te Anau. Also in the evening when I was in bed. Again, I thought the girl on top was moving a lot but then I realized it’s an earthquake. I’m happy it wasn’t worse than that though. From what I saw in Christchurch it’s been really devastating. 

Hm, where was I. Oh yes my second day in Te Anau. I woke up quite early and decided to take a walk in the national park. There was one that was 5 hours return but I did 3 hours. It was the windiest day ever so a bit hard to walk. I thought I was going to fly away haha. It funny though because the visitor center had a sign saying “light winds”. Like wtf?! If those were light, how is the hard winds?? Haha. 

After my walk I went to the supermarket then back to the hostel for some lunch. I chilled there for some time and then went to Takahe for tea. That was my pickup point but I was a bit early so I went to Lions Park, sat in a bench there and had my dinner then back to Takahe and got picked up by the bus taking me back to Queenstown 🙂 I liked Te Anau a lot! I would like to go back and do the full 5 hour walk at some point 🙂

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