Night night

Time for me to sleep soon, getting up at 5am for a session with my PT 💪🏼 I started today and it killed me haha but isn’t that the best feeling after a workout? 

Other than that I had an appointment in the CBD and then I’ve prepared for school. I also got my resume fixed and that took me a few hours, puh. First of all I had to find out what the difference is between a CV and a resume. In Europe both are the same, in America they call the CV a resume but of course here in Australia they have both and they are different…?! So, I decided to do a resume which 1-2 pages, very short and simple instead of a CV 2-5 pages with way too much information. I also researched if interior designers do something special with theirs and they were quite different but very nice! So I did mine like that too 🙂  We have a counselor at school that helps out with CV/Resume and jobs so I’ll talk to her tomorrow and show her mine. Then it’s time to find a casual and fun job! I will keep looking until I get something within interior design. I want to get experience as quick as possible so that when it’s time for me to leave Australia I won’t have much problem finding a job somewhere else. 

Not a bad view I have right? 

School starts again tomorrow and I have really great teachers this trimester, one of them is from the previous trimester. Even though she confused the hell out of me in the beginning she turned out to be the best one! 

Oh well, not much fun in this post but I don’t post too often about my daily life so here you have it 😛 


Can’t wait to get inspired from these 2 tomorrow! 💕 

Night night ✨

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