Good evening (morning?) world! 

Saturday, yay! Or not.. 😛 

Yesterday my PT session was cancelled so will go 5 days next week. I was going for a bike ride instead but then Roberth suggested a walk so I joined him on that. Our pace was a bit too slow from what I had expected and after an hour we ended up at GOMA, the museum of modern art…? That was definitely not planned. So to compensate my cycling I had planned to go tonight but nope. Found an excuse again. No good at all. (Marcel, if you’re reading this I’m sorry 🙈) 

I started off my morning by going to the library to do some architectural research and it’s a very interesting subject but I didn’t find anything there. Bad library. Went to State library afterwards and I found a little bit but it wasn’t very helpful so I’m hoping the tiny school library will have something, huhu. 

When my library visits where done I met up with my friend for lunch in South Bank and I hadn’t seen her since before New Zealand so that was very nice 🙂 (even though my food was shit). Don’t go to Next Door in South Bank, yuck!! 

Got home, did some grocery shopping and then I learned InDesign which is one of the softwares I need to use for school. Feels good to know it a lot better now! 🙂 

Sunday tomorrow, study day I guess but yeah all fun 🙂 Might also book flight and hotel in Melbourne for July. It’s a bit too soon but it’s going to get super expensive because there are 2 huge interior design fairs the weekend of 20-23rd. One is international which means people from all over the world will come so to get a decent price I need to book soon. I have my lovely friend there as well and I’m sure I can stay with her if I don’t find anything 🙂 

Time to sleep now! Chat tomorrow xx 

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