30 & traveling 

I forgot to tell you about some things actually 🙂

Firstly, I’ve been wanting to see my friend Marcel who is traveling in Australia right now but the domestic flight tickets are so expensive. Flying to Alice Spring costs as much as a one way ticket to Sweden..? How crazy is that!! I was really hoping to see him before he goes back home to the Netherlands but doesn’t seem like it 😞

I did ask though if he wants to join me to New Caledonia, Fiji and Samoa in September/October. I’ll go for a total of 10 days just before my visa expires here. I’ve been to New Zealand and South East Asia so what’s left is paradise 😉 I hope he can join otherwise I’ll try to join him on his trip to Iceland at the end of the year. 

And secondly, I’m turning 30 next Saturday (11th), wiieeee 🎉🎊

I’ve invited about 17 people for a small celebration. I think 15 are attending ☺ I’ve organized someone to bake my cake and some other desserts. It’s my friend Barbara’s friend who will bake everything 🙂 so kind to help me with that! And during the weekend Barbara (thank you!!) will take me to a Lebanese supermarket/bakery and I’ll get some things there for the food I’ll be serving unless I cater 🙂 Depends on how much it is. At one place it was so expensive, wasn’t worth it at all. I’m also buying some pretty decor, gotta go all in 😜 

One of my friends from school offered me to use her place for the celebration. She said she’d love to do it so I’m going there during the weekend and yeah, I’ll see 🙂 I planned to be at the rooftop so hopefully it won’t rain and we can be there. My plan B was to book the little house we have here but apparently nobody can book it. It bothers me because they book it for people whenever they feel like it, or maybe just for their friends?  It’s so kind of Roz to offer me her place ❤ 

Well, that’s some fun things that will occur soon 🙂 at least my birthday! 🎈

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