Rise & shine 

Morning 🙂 

It’s been a while again, sorry. Hope you’re all doing well ❤ 

My cough is almost gone, yay! So I’m going to my PT session tomorrow. I’ve missed 3 sessions only so not too bad. 

The weekend that was I went to my friend’s place on Friday and had such a lovely evening with her and 3 of her friends. Wine, cheese platter and good company 👍🏼 Perfect combo. I loved her apartment. It’s in an old wool store fabric and she’s the friend who offered to host my birthday. I’m actually doing it at her place 🙂 I didn’t buy anything from the Lebanese supermarket/bakery for the party because the prices were ridiculous. So expensive! I’m doing other stuff instead. I bought myself a few things ($90!!!) so I’ve cooked Assyrian food and so. Yummy!!! I’ve really missed it. 

Roz’s adorable kitten! 😍

Hm that’s what I did on Saturday with Barbara and then we spent the rest of the evening at my place just chatting 🙂 

On Sunday I didn’t do much at all. Studied, cooked, did some grocery shopping. Yeah that’s it. But on Monday I met up with Jennifer, one of the girls I met in New Zealand 🙂 She’s moved here so that’s fun! We had some lunch at 321 Water St. She’s coming on Saturday as well 🙂 

And yesterday (Tuesday) I met up with Lauren who I also met in New Zealand. She’s just traveling so she’s in Brisbane a few days, going down south and then coming back again next weekend 🙂 We strolled around the City Bitanic Gardens, had lunch at Riverbar, walked over to South Bank and of course I took her to Max Brenner. Like everybody else, she loved it! I had a really nice time with her and it will be fun seeing her on Thursday again. I need to plan next weekend for us. We’ll probably go to Stradbroke Island 😀 

That’s it for now 🙂 I kind of forget to update but will put reminder on my phone so I do it more often. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily life even if it’s not that interesting 🙈

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