In 1 hour (Australian time zone) I’m 30 years old. My last 59mins in my 20s haha. 

I’m actually pretty excited about it, don’t know why haha. I don’t have that panic many get when turning 30 so that’s good! 

The plan for tomorrow is to get my cakes, get everything ready, go to Roz’s place to prepare what’s left and then I have a photo shoot with Lina before everybody is coming 🙂 It’s going to be a very nice evening with food, wine and good company. Though one special friend will be missed ❤ 

This morning I got an amazing surprise from my wonderful family. You see it in the picture below ❤ ❤ 

My friend Lauren stopped by today. I met her in New Zealand and now she’s here a few days 🙂 I’ve spent some time with her but today we decided to hang by my pool since it was really hot. In the afternoon we walked to the CBD, I got myself my birthday present and then balloons and stuff for tomorrow. It’s been a lovely day! 

Just wanted to stop by and actually say hi, but now it’s time for my beauty sleep 😛 Can’t be tired tomorrow 😉 

Night night beautiful people! 

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