Happy Birthday to me

Morning! 🙂 

Yesterday (11th) was my 30th birthday and I’ve already told you how it all started off on the 10th with my flower delivery and my birthday gift to myself 😛 

So, I woke up to messages from friends and family wishing me a happy birthday. My mum called as soon as I woke up and she was at my Godaughter’s house with my family so everybody sang to me ❤ loved it! Then a friend called and sang, another friend had recorded herself singing, a cousin filmed when he was with friends and they all wished me a happy birthday. Just so adorable all of it. It made me feel so overwhelmed. I kept receiving messages all day long and even until this morning. Some were just so lovely they made me cry haha. How much love can a person receive? 

My dear friend Roz was hosting my party so I was at her place during the day to prepare a bit. When I got home I received another delivery of the most adorable flower cupcake. It was sent by my friend Marcel ❤ How amazing? Of course I cried haha! It’s good all this crying was of happiness and not sadness 😛 

Went back to Roz’s in the afternoon and prepared what was left. My friend Lina came an hour earlier than everybody else and took some photos of me outside with my 30′ balloons. I’m so excited to see the photos!!! 😀 

All my friends came over around 6pm and we started off with a cheese platter and a welcome drink in the garden then headed upstairs. I had prepared a lot of food and wine so we had a nice time just eating and drinking 🙂 When we took the desserts out Roz lit some fun sparklers on and it was all so beautiful! All in all I’ve had a wonderful birthday and even though my family was not with me they spoiled me with so much love ❤ 

(This photo is taken by a friend) 

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