The cakes 

I have to share this with you so that you don’t have the same experience as me and can avoid this. 

I had ordered my birthday cake, cheesecake in glass and cupcakes from a girl having her own bakery business, Nancy’s baking. I sent her photos of what I wanted and I needed everything lactose free as I’m lactose intolerant and so are some of my friends. This was not a problem and she said she could fix it. Below are the photos of what I had ordered. 

Beautiful cakes right? 

This is what I received… 

Terrible! I was stressed when I picked them up so I didn’t have time to have a proper look. The cheesecake as you can see is all smudged together so you can’t even see the layers. The cake was cracked and come on, it doesn’t even look like the one I ordered. And what’s up with the pink color? Completely different. The cupcakes had too much butter in them and so the topping was, well you can see yourself. 

I didn’t manage to post the video of the cheesecake but I’ve taken a print screen. 


As you can see it’s dripping which a cheesecake shouldn’t. 

My birthday cake tasted a lot of sugar and I had asked to have a lot of berries inside, this is what I got. 

​In my opinion, if you can still see the bottom that is not a lot of berries! I had to buy extra berries to have on the side and not only that, I bought things for another $70 to redecorate everything! And by the way, this shit had cost me $150. So, bad cakes for $220!!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THERE!!!! 

And when I texted her my complaints and asked for a compensation this could not be done. She blamed the lactose free ingredients for the bad work but obviously the outside of the cakes were terrible too! And if someone can’t work with special ingredients then you don’t take the job. And the first thing she says is that she was disappointed as well. How the hell can you sell something you’re disappointed of?! You tell the customer, ‘I’m sorry but I couldn’t do what you asked for and here’s your money back’. Bad service! 

I’m happy my lovely friend Roz helped me make the cakes pretty though we couldn’t do anything about the inside. 

Here’s what she did. 

How beautiful is that? 🙂 

So, if you live in Brisbane and is looking to order cakes, this is the place to avoid. 

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