Rain, lovely rain

Good morning! 

We’ve had some rainy days here and I completely love it!! I never thought I would because I’m from a cold and rainy country but as weird as it may sound I miss it a lot. I’ve been in hot weather since June last year and I can’t deal with it anymore haha. I need at least one season of cold and even though I went to New Zealand it’s not the same thing. 

The photos don’t really have anything to do with the text but I took them when I was with Lauren 😛 

What else is happening except rain…
Oh, yeah I’m trying to break my lease of my apartment so that I can go home first week of September instead of end October so hopefully someone will move in at that time. Otherwise I’ll stay here and maybe travel a bit or so like I had planned at first. 

My weekend has been good 🙂 Lauren came back from Sydney on Saturday so I’ve spent some time with her. I’ve been on school trips to SNB Stone, Polytec and then I went to an event about kitchens. Quite interesting and inspiring. There’s an event tonight as well that I’m going to. 

Haven’t really done much more. I’ve had 2 assessments to hand in and basically at least one each week now until the holidays in May. 

That’s it for now 🙂 xx

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