Holey Moley! 

That’s where I spent Friday evening. Holey Moley is a bar/golf club (mini golf) in a building that used to be a church. I’ve walked past many times as it’s here in the Valley but thought it was a church haha. I went with Roz and a few of her friends, it was so much fun! We started off with dinner at Grill’d. I had been studying all day so it was nice getting out =)

On Thursday I went to Artichoke Night School Session 23 which was about Blurred lines. Artichoke is an architect and interior design magazine and they have some sessions each year I think. We were at Spce Furniture store and they had wine, charcuteries and so. Great evening! I went alone and actually tried to sell my ticket in school because I was tired but I’m happy I went. I learned a lot =DPhoto from space furniture 

Studying today and will do so everyday until the holidays haha. I have about 8 assessments to hand in but so far fun ones! Yeah not much fun is going on actually. 

Looking at the job market in Europe and it looks good so hopefully I’ll get something at home when I finish in August. But for next semester I HAVE to find myself an internship place. So that will be my main focus. I was planning to do it this semester and I have applied for some, jobs as well, but didn’t get anything and because I might get visitors in May/June I felt that I wanted to be free and not having to work while my friends are here. 

Study paus over! Xx 

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