Cyclone, hurricane? 

First of all… Ugh!!!!!!! I was finished with my post and then it all disappeared! So annoying!!!! 

So, some have asked me about cyclones and hurricanes here but they hit North Queensland so I’m all good here! Thanks for asking though 🙂 

This week has been full in school. I have so many big projects/assessments and they’re all due these last 5 weeks of the semester. I actually have 6 weeks left but because they’re due latest in 5 weeks we usually don’t have to attend the last week. And this will give me 4 weeks of holiday before next semester which I will need really badly haha. 

I honestly can’t remember what I wrote in the previous post because I’m so tired… 

Hmm… 🤔

My view the other night 

Well, next holiday/semester I’m going to Melbourne, Sydney, Byron bay and Fiji. Melbourne is already booked for July as I’m attending interior design fairs/exhibitions and then Fiji is a my priority. It’s insanely expensive to fly from Sweden so I need to take the opportunity to travel from Brisbane as it’s quite cheap 🙂 I will not stay more than 3 nights though because I don’t have time. 

Yes please Fiji… 

Oh yeah, now I remember haha! My biggest assessments needs to be done in a design software which is called Sketchup and they don’t teach us any softwares (even though it’s mandatory to use them?!) so I have a tutor tomorrow who will teach me. I hope she’s good because I’m gonna ask her for 3 lessons/week so that I can get going with everything. Puh… these are gonna be 5 stressful weeks. I’m happy my whole class feels the same though haha. Not just me 😛 And I’m actually ahead of everybody with my assessments so I feel good about that! 

Time to sleep now, goodnight xxx 

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