I honestly thought we were alright haha! It’s been raining non stop since last night and tonight the winds were so strong. The bureau of meteorology issued so many warnings. My school shut down 20mins after we got there, well all schools shut down. Some jobs as well and public transportation was free so that everybody could get home safely. I think they’re exaggerating but that’s because I’m used to rain 😛 it’s been heavy rainfall though and it’s flooded in some areas so I guess it was quite severe haha. 

I’ve been home all day studying (sooooooo boring!!!). Didn’t want to go out because I would most likely blow away haha. No school for 5 days in total as I didn’t really stay today but that means I need to study at home. Yay, fun weekend 😑 I hope I’ll met up with a friend for dinner and Beauty and the beast 🙂 It’s one of my favorite Disney movies so it will be awesome to watch it. I heard it’s really good 🙂 

Will update this weekend if I do something fun 😛 night night! Xx

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