When they say it’s cold…

I keep hearing “it’s so cold now”… like really? Haha! My teacher laughed at me today when she saw the look on my face when my friend said that. It’s not cold! It’s a bit cool in the morning but not cold. I always tell them: go to Sweden and you’ll see what cold actually is. They wouldn’t survive a day haha. 

Talking about Sweden, I assume everybody’s heard what’s happened in Stockholm and Egypt 😞 It’s heartbreaking. I wonder when and if this will ever end… 💔

Schoolwise, I’m still doing good. Have quite many and huge assessments for the upcoming 3 weeks before the holidays. As usual not doing more than that. 

I took out Roz on a date last week because I had promised her dinner and movie for everything she did for me on my birthday. And it’s been a month since, so we got our bums out and had a lovely evening. We started off with Himalayan dinner, saw beauty & the best (I loved it!!!!!), then did some bar hopping. It was really nice to come out because we’re so busy and I didn’t want her to feel as if I was bullshitting. Not that Roz would but still 🙂 

Next time I’m hoping to show you some parts of my assessments 🙂 I’m learning a software called Sketchup and I’m designing a kitchen and an exhibition installation. It’s quite fun even though it frustrates me haha. I don’t have any patience with computers but I’m learning 😛 

Talking about assessments, I have to submit one before 11pm!! See ya! 

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