Domestic takeoff! ✈️

Good morning sunshine! 

Cool breeze and sun, perfect morning! Will get hotter soon but for now it’s lovely 🙂 

Still counting down for my holidays haha. I’m back to what I was like at the end of last semester. Studying 8-12 hours a day, not sleeping well and school is all I can think off… yay (not). 

Oh well, I am thinking a bit about traveling too haha. I still need to go to Sydney so I think I’ve decided to do it during the holidays BUT if it’s possible with the flights I want to do a day trip of it. I’ll leave early in the morning and get back in the evening. Basically it’s just to see the harbour, opera house, bridge and then back 😛 

I’m also gonna see if Roz and maybe Jennifer want to rent a car and do some hikes and so 🙂 Would be fun! I still have about 10 weekdays that are not planned so got some time for that 🙂 

Ugh, I’m writing this on my way to school and it’s already hot. 

40mins late for school so time for me to focus now! 😆 See ya! 

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