Dreaming of paradise 

Hey everybody

I’m so exhausted! Heading home from school, it’s 9.40 pm. I got there at 11.15 so I’ve been there just more than 10 hours. My head is about to explode and I’m hungry. Not a good combination 😛 It’s good I’m not meeting anyone now because I would not be friendly haha. 

I can’t help but dream away to a beach in a really quiet and peaceful beach somewhere in paradise.. ah that would wonderful. 

Just another 1,5 weeks left before this hell is over. Unfortunately I haven’t enjoyed this trimester at all even though I’ve learned incredibly much. The reason is Sketchup and CAD, the shitty softwares. I’m sure they’re good if you know how to use them. But like I’ve mentioned before, nobody taught me sketchup and I’ve had to do everything myself. Well, a little help from classmates at some points. Imagine creating a kitchen and exhibition installation in a software you’ve never used before. There you have the headache haha! My poor sister and Marcel haven’t heard anything but me nagging about this for probably 2 months now. I owe them a few dinners I think 😛 Well at least I’m seeing Marcel really soon, 2,5 weeks left 💙 Poor guy, all I’ve planned for us is eating, eating and eating 😬 But he knows me so he doesn’t expect else. 

Back to paradise! Need to book Fiji soon. 4 days in paradise should be alright 🙂 

Time to sleep now, school tomorrow! 

Night night 

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