Bye Stockholm 

Morning! Lying in the sofa, watching tv. I’m so tired but I need to get my day started. I have some plans for today but first some school stuff to finish. 

So, our last day in Södertälje. We didn’t do much, checked out then went to my auntie’s house. Spent our day there and then I quickly met up with a friend just to say hi before I had to go to Gothenburg. I was exhausted as I had to get up early to drive my sister to the airport. I slept 5 hours only that night and in total for 5 days I probably slept less than 20 hours. 

Beautiful cherry trees in Stockholm 

Me, my mum and dad drove back home and it took about 4-5 hours. We had a short stop for dinner and that’s it. Got home and didn’t do much before going to bed. I guess this day was nothing special haha. At least I had some more time with my family gathered before we all split again. 

Today (Monday) I’m first, like I already told you, going to get school stuff done and then unpack a bit, get some shoes from the storage and then I’m heading to the city center. I’m going to surprise my cousin’s wife at Zara Home where she is the manager 🙂 From there I’m meeting with mum for a coffee or shopping and then back home. Will continue to unpack and finish some other stuff. Later tonight I’m hoping to surprise my friend and my goddaughter. Then I’m basically done with the surprises haha. Tomorrow I will do some boring stuff like going through all my clothes to see what to keep and what not to keep. And I know there is something else I need to do, can’t remember right. Is haha. 

Well, time to get my bum up from the couch. Talk later xx  

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