Changi airport

Helloooo 🙂

At the moment I’m onboard a flight from Brisbane to Singapore. My final destination is Stockholm with stops in Singapore and Frankfurt. 

I’ve kept this a secret from my family and friends. There are 3 friends who knows I’m going home to Gothenburg but I had to tell someone, too fun to keep it a secret haha. And then, this is a funny and annoying story, I told my cousin living just outside Stockholm that I’m coming because I wanted to be picked up at the airport. So, because she is only 18 she told her dad so that he knows she is going far with the car. Just for safety you know. That makes it a total of 5 people knowing. And remember I wanted it to be a secret so that I could surprise everybody. And theeeennn, this little cousin was in a little car accident that she caused herself with friends haha. Luckily nobody was hurt but this made her shocked and scared and so she didn’t want to pick me up. I do understand the fear and all, I’ve been in a major car accident myself. But this meant I had to tell a 6th person haha. I asked her brother to pick me up and that was all good. And theeeennn, the little cousin told my auntie (not her mum, my other auntie) that I was going to her daughter’s wedding because they had to count me in. I got really upset and a angry about this because I know they would sort it out anyway. It’s not like they would leave me at home haha. Anyway, I called my auntie and made her promise me not to tell anyone and she promised. So, when I arrive and, meet everybody I’ll find out who knew haha. Blaahh on that surprise. 

The reason I’m going home is because I’ve been a bit homesick and nobody has come to visit me so I figured I’ll go home. 

Brisbane from above 

What’s my plan then? 
First I’m spending some time in Frankfurt city as I have a 6hour stop there. Have never been so it will be fun. Then I’m spending my Friday afternoon shopping in Stockholm. I hope that my cousin will be able to get my sister with him. But he has to lie about something to convince her going with him haha. Fingers crossed! 

The rest of the weekend will be spent in a city just outside Stockholm. My whole family from mum’s side is going because of the wedding. It’s gonna be great seeing everybody and I know some will be happier than others 🙂 A tear or two will be shed. 

I’m going home to Gothenburg on Sunday so I thought I’d surprise my best friend, my cousin’s wife and my goddaughter and her family. Hopefully all can be done on Monday. I can’t post this until everybody knows because some are subscribing on my blog so they’ll find out before I want them to haha. 

During the week I’m planning to meet up with my friends and then Friday-Sunday Marcel is coming, wiieeeee 😀 I also hope that the same week I can go and visit my sister in Norway for 2 nights, obviously it all depends if she’s off from work or not. Or else I’ll go the week after. I would like to spend a few days in London as well, will see how everything goes. 

Anyway, I will keep writing posts and have them prepared so that I then can just post them. As I’m writing in present time it’s going to be a it odd with the time of post but what the hell 🙂 

Only 3hours left before I get to Singapore. Talk to you in Frankfurt again. Ciao!

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