I spent a few hours in Frankfurt as I had 6 hours stop here. I freshened up a bit and then took the train to the city center. I had a lovely walk by the river. It was cold but I loved it, missed the cold! 

Then I walked in the center among churches and beautiful German buildings. So cute. My final stop was Chanel to get shoes and then back to the airport. I don’t really know the names of anything I did (bad tour guide, I know) but I’ll post photos and maybe you can find out yourself if you wanna go 😛 

I’m quit excited about today (Friday) because I’m hoping that my cousin can manage to persuade my sister to go with him to Stockholm. Then she’s the first one I’m surprising 😀 and then everybody else later tonight. What I’m looking forward to most is a shower!!!!!!! 31 hours in total, ughhh I don’t feel clean at all haha. 

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