Stockholm day 2

I started off my day (Saturday) with surprising my grandpa and then breakfast with family at the hotel. Me, my uncle and his sons then went to Stockholm city for some sightseeing and shopping. 

We went to the memorial for the poor people who passed away from the terrorist attack. It was very sad to see. Then we continued walking on Drottninggatan for some shopping, continued to Gamla Stan (I love it there) and then went to Gallerian.

Gamla Stan is a must if you ever visit Stockholm. It’s cozy, beautiful, has a lot of character and you have the castle there 🙂 Gallerian has changed a lot and I was very disappointed. It’s much smaller now. Drottninggatan is pretty much the same but it does have a lot of good shops. We ended our day with delicious lunch at Wok House. We went back to Södertälje to get ready for my cousin’s wedding. We had a lot of fun the whole evening with good food and a lot of dancing. It was so much fun with the whole family gathered for a special occasion like this. Xx

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