Wknd in Stockholm

Hey 🙂 

I’m at home in Gothenburg now, love it (Monday now). But I need to first tell you about my weekend in Stockholm 🙂 So, from Frankfurt I had a 2 hours flight with SAS to Stockholm. I got the Arlanda Express train to Stockholm city. My cousin had brought his sister, fiancé and my sister so they were sitting at Wayne’s Coffee waiting for me. My sister had her back against me which was perfect so I approached them and then scared my sister. She was so shocked and very, very happy! 😀 It was a perfect surprise. I was soooooo happy to see her again ❤ 

From Stockholm we went to a little shopping center which was on the way to Södertälje where my aunties live. Got some stuff that I needed and then we went to my first auntie to surprise her as well. She couldn’t stop staring at me, I’ve never seen her eyes so big haha. After some time she realized it was actually me, she hugged me so hard and almost started crying. I’ve never surprised anyone before and it makes me so happy to know I can make other people happy. From there we went to the hotel, showered and all then my cousin and his fiancé picked us up and we went to a small town called Strängnäs for dinner. It was a cute town with 2-3 restaurants by the water. Food was good but super slow service. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the place. 

After that we went home to my auntie again and then me and her went to my other auntie where my parents were. We ran around their house to try to hide me and then eventually I hid behind my auntie, she rang the bell and my other auntie opened. They didn’t see me and then I jumped out and everybody started crying, screaming and hugging me so much. Lovely moment!!! I was very happy to see my family again ❤ 

The whole day was great and we had some nice time together. My uncle joined us later that evening, also surprised to see me. 

Stockholm day 2 coming up next! Bye for now beautiful people.

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