Home sweet home 


I’ve been in Sweden for a week now and it’s been great fun. I have already told you about my days in Stockholm and now it’s time for Gothenburg 🙂 

I’ve been busy meeting friends and family. On Monday I met my cousin’s wife, did some shopping with mum and then surprised my goddaughter and her family. On Tuesday I went to see my cousin’s wife again, wanted to meet their adorable daughters 🙂 Spent a few hours with them and then I went to a meeting with my parents. Their bathrooms will be renovated so we picked out the materials and so. Was quite fun! 

On Wednesday I went for dinner with my lovely friends ❤ It was so nice to meet them again and just talk. We had dinner at my favorite Tapas restaurant, Pinchos. Love their food and interior. It’s like entering a circus 🙂 

Yesterday was the first day I got to relax and I was so tired I even took a nap in the afternoon haha. Me and mum went for shopping again but I’m so disappointed!! There’s nothing nice to buy 😦 I spent the rest of the day at home, doing nothing. It was so nice. 

Today Marcel is coming so we’re just going for dinner and then meeting up with a friend at Heaven 23 which is a really nice bar on the 23rd level of Gothia Towers. It gives you a beautiful view of Liseberg and the city. I’m still exhausted so it won’t be too late tonight. During the weekend we’ll go to Liseberg and hanging out with my friends. Should be fun! 

My sister is coming from Norway Saturday afternoon. I can’t wait to spend a few days with her ❤ I hope I can go and visit her as well. 

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