Good times Gothenburg 

Hej hej! 

Haven’t updated since last week so it’s really time for it now. On Friday I met up with my lovely friend Maria for a ‘fika’.  That means going to a café, have something to drink and chit chat 🙂 It’s become a part of the Swedish culture hehe. I love it and I’ve missed it because it’s nothing we do in Brisbane. We went to Le Pain Francais Bistro which is probably the most beautiful bistro in Sweden. It’s a must visit for anyone coming to Gothenburg. 

After that, Marcel arrived so Maria went home and we went for dinner at Miss Sophie. It was quite okay but very good service. I only had charcuterie because I wasn’t very hungry but I’ve had dinner there before and yeah, it’s not the best in town but eatable 😛 From Miss Sophie we continued to Heaven 23 for drinks. And later that evening my girlfriend joined us. 

On Saturday we only walked around Slottskogen with my friend Marta and her cute dog. I was quite sick so didn’t stay long. Slottskogen is another place I’ve missed a lot. The parks in Brisbane are beautiful butthey’re  not enough to get away from the hustle and bustle. Slottskogen is perfect for that. There’s also a lot of animals which is fun 😀 

In the evening we went for dinner at Lou Lou with my friends and then continued to Istället which is a bar. Out of 6 person, only 2 were happy with the food at Lou Lou so that was a disappointment but we had a lot of fun anyway. 

On Sunday we took a stroll in the amusement park Liseberg which another must see in Gothenburg. We ended his visit at Le Spain Francais Bistro. Yes, second time in a few days I was there but they have everything so it’s a good spot. When Marcel left I met up with my auntie and cousin. We did some shopping and then went for dinner at Bryggeriet. That meal was really good!  Later I got picked up by my siblings and we went to Sega Gubbar which is a huge candy shop. Drooling just by thinking about it haha. Of course I had to buy a lot, another thing I’ve missed haha. In the evening my uncle and auntie came to visit.  

The rest of the week has been quit calm. Some shopping, more ‘fika’ and family visiting me 🙂 

I have a few more dinners with friends coming up and visiting family as well. Back in Brissy in a week! 

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