Oh Sweden, Sweden, Sweden. Not much left of May and still cold. We’ve had very few hot and sunny days these past 2 weeks but hey, it’s north Europe. Can’t expect much else. 

I have 3 days left and I’m getting very excited about going back to Brissy! I’m the kind of person who loves routines and to stay busy, hasn’t been much of that here. 

On Wednesday I did some necessary shopping and then went for dinner with my friend Per at Magazzino. It’s an Italian restaurant at Magasinsgatan and the pizza was delicious. Very nice atmosphere as well. Magasinsgatan has a lot of restaurants and if you ever visit Gothenburg and would want a cozy, fun and broad range of food then Magasinsgatan is a must. With broad range I mean more of different cuisines, not too many restaurants. 

On Thursday I met my goddaughters mum all randomly and we ended up having a coffee, ‘fika’, at Adams Café which is in a shopping center close to where I live, Frölunda Torg. It was so cozy to be one on one with her and just chit chat for a few hours 🙂 In the evening I met up with 2 cousins and then 3 of my cousins’ wives. Girls day all day! We had dinner at Market which has a really interesting concept, Komex. This is Korean mixed with Mexican so a special fusion and very, very delicious. The only bad thing was that this was a very beautiful and hot day but they didn’t have any outdoor seating which we wanted. I think they’re starting with that in June. 

Getting really tired now so I’ll finish up with my weekend fun tomorrow. But first, I’ve started learning French again 🙂 I downloaded 2 apps the other day so I practice a bit every day and when I leave for Brisbane I’m gonna look for French books at the airports because I can’t find any here and I don’t have time to order online. 

Goodnight and chat tomorrow! 

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